Waltzing Right Out Of The Room

Hello, I'm a stupid 15 year old girl who loves music."

Can I ask you something?

Why do you even talk to me? I’m nothing to you. It’s obvious you don’t care about my feelings. So why do you talk to me? I know you have other girls you can talk to, trust me I know. So you don’t really need me at all. And don’t play dumb. I know they had feelings for you too. But do you see them as people? Do you see me as a person? I bet you don’t. I can’t do this anymore.

You can go tell everyone im a bitch. Or a tease. Or that my tits are too small and my body is gross. I don’t give a fuck. 

today is your senior ball, and i guess i’m a little dissapointed that you didn’t ask me.

but i guess you’re not supposed to take the girl you casually fuck to formal dances.

tip: don’t be in love with your fuck buddy.

you texted me during band class

"i want to fuck you so much right now."

you kept looking at me.

i went along with it, i always do.

because there’s very few things i crave more than your skin on mine.


i just wish i was your one and only.

it doesn’t matter much.

you’ll be gone soon enough anyways.


you don’t know how much i’ll miss you.

i hope you’ll say goodbye.

it will have been a year this saturday.

aince that busride.

with you.

that i’ll never get back.

i’ll never feel your arms again

or your lips 

or your eyes.

oh god, your eyes.

i can’t stop remembering.

i would do anything for you.


your fucking name brings tears to me eyes.

it’s such a common name, i know.

yet, whenever i hear someone utter it, i feel my heart collapse.




please come back

you’re leaving in a few months

we’ve still got time, i’m sure of it.